Strange Land Brewery

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A modern craft brewery with a heart for tradition, Strange Land entered the scene to bring some gravitas to the lighter-styled beer market in Austin. Focusing on flavorful belgians, robust porters, and forgotten styles, their beers are well-made reinterpreations of historic recipes.

The name came from Walker Percy’s Stranger in a Strange Land. The Brewery’s direction became an historic whiskey-label-inspired collage of public domain European and Americana photos and illustrations, each grounded in the place the styles originated from. Ploughshare features fields and farmers. Dewi Sant, a braggot from Wales, features a Welsh cathedral and mountains. Entire, a thick British porter, features Industrial machinery—the kind an overworked factory man might take a beer break from when laws didn’t prohibit such a thing.

Historic imagery was juxtaposed, arranged, and treated in a new way to emphasize the modern reinterprations of older styles, and to show just how strange and beautiful this world we live in is, and that a great beer is the perfect way to ponder that.

Lifestyle Photography by Amy Mikler


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